Healing Yoga for Low Back

Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of activity limitation in people. However, 95% of all back problems are organic, meaning that they are the result of sprains due to common postural and movement habits that can easily be addressed through yoga.

The Essential Low Back Program has recreated the study protocol and designed the program to lead through a pathway to a “Better Back”. By bringing attention to muscular dysfunction, imbalance, postural asymmetries, and alignment, this program effectively addresses the problem of chronic low back pain.

This six-week program series is designed to alleviate low back pain and enhance overall health. Each 90-minute class includes-

  • Techniques for developing awareness and accessing inner core muscles

  • How to use pranayama technique to calm nervous system and unwind out of pain

  • Five 60 minutes asana practice. Each practice builds up on the previous one

  • Various asanas to be practiced in chair

  • Sequencing principles to develop your own home practice!

Mixed-Level Yoga

This class is for those who are novice as well as for those who want to take their yoga practice to a higher level. However, this class can be enjoyed by students at all levels: beginners to seasoned practitioners. A lot of variations and additions are offered so the beginners and seasoned practitioners can choose to practice at their level of comfort. The participants are encouraged to listen to their body, and options are given to those who wish to further challenge their strength, flexibility & endurance. Advanced level pranayama techniques and meditation are introduced in this class.

You Are How You Breathe: Breath Training For Inner Balance

This class is for those who frequently experience periods of high excitement, stress, exhaustion, or other strong emotions Do you feel yourself breathing too fast or shallow, sighing, or taking big breaths?

There is a relationship between breathing and emotion and we can influence our emotional reactions and the way we feel through breath awareness and through voluntary changes in the way we breathe.

Relaxed diaphragmatic breathing can calm highly agitated emotions during periods of distress. This is why relaxed diaphragmatic breathing has been used to good effect in the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, migraine headaches, hypertension, and chronic pain just to name a few.


In this breath training program, you will learn -

  • The techniques to strengthen the diaphragm and breathing into resistance

  • The various qualities to cultivate in the breath

  • Methods for training breath to a relaxed and effortless breathing

  • The difference between breath training and pranayama practices

  • To incorporate relaxed breathing into asana practice

  • The art of relaxing and path to meditation


Breathing Together: Breath Awareness For Emotional Well Being

Do you or your child frequently experience feelings of high stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, lethargy, fear,

agitation or other strong emotions?

Do you feel the effect of these emotions impacting you and your child’s life?

Emotions have an almost immediate effect on breathing. Depending on the emotion, we may breathe

faster, louder, gasp, sigh, or even stop breathing. However, this works both ways! By bringing

awareness to the breath and through voluntary changes in the way we breathe, we can influence

our emotional reactions!

This program is designed to help you and your child regain control of your breath, and in turn, your

emotions, bringing a calming effect to mind and body.

In this program you and your child will learn-

  • A systematic way of relaxed breathing

  • How different postures changes the way we breathe

  • Various types of breathing techniques to meet the mood

  • Breath focused asana/movement practice to meet the mood

  • Sound and mudras (hand gestures) in the practice

  • Yogic sleeping and mini-meditation practice

Yoga For Everyone - Strength, Flexibility And Balance

This practice of yoga is accessible to everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners, including hard core athletes who need to stretch their muscles out and allow their bodies to recover as well as those who may have any tightness or tension in their “back”, which may originate anywhere from neck to heels.


In this practice, as we bring awareness towards breath and alignment, we move into asanas to stretch and strengthen deep muscles of our body, bringing further stability and flexibility. We smoothly move from one asana to another and modify to adapt to the practitioner’s own level of comfort and bring ease as well as challenge in their practice. As we refine the basic postures, our practice remains safe, interesting, and unique to each person.

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