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From the perspective of yoga and physical therapy- A joint presentation with pelvic floor PT Dr. Amy Pannullo. In this video you will find:

Anatomical functions and common dysfunctions.

Find out - Is Pelvic floor in a shape of a bowl or a dome? 

Facts of how yoga and physical therapy are complementary treatment to each other.

Importance of breath and physical posture on pelvic floor - A short experiential practice!

Mindful Movements: Joints & Glands

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To enhance the well-being of our body it is important to bring movements in our body. Movements brings circulation and improves the overall flexibility and increase mobility of all the joints. The circulation helps with cleansing and nourishing and brings balance. It helps restore the natural vitality of the body and mind. 


These movements of joints and glands was first introduced by Swami Rama, which can be used as an independent practice or as warm-ups for the practices of hatha yoga. 

The recommended timing marker of the practice is at 9:50.

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